Med Spa and Wellness Services

Medical Weight Loss:
   - Phentermine/Adipex Prescription
   - Semaglutide (Wygovy) for weight loss
   - Mega burn injections (weekly)
   - B12 inections (weekly)

IV Hydration:
Custom infusions for immunity, recovery, energy and skin.  Additional medications available for add-on.

Male/Female Hormone Replacement Therapy:
   - Biote male and female pellets
   - Lab services available
   - Testosterone injections

Medical facial Esthetics:
   - Botox and Xeomin: For treatment of wrinkles.
   - Juvaderm, Revanesse Versa, Belotero: Filler for lips, deep         wrinkles, folds and lines.

Sexual Health:
   - Cialis/Viagra prescriptions.
   - STI/STD testing and treatment.

Lab Services:
   - Full range lab services (Results in 24-48 hours).

Primary Care Services:
   - Thyroid
   - Hypertension
   - Diabetes
   - Wellness & Health

Urgent Care Services(many available via tele-med):
   - UTI
   - URI
   - Cough/cold/earache
   - Bumps & bruises 
   - Cut, scrapes and minor burns
   - Rashes & abcesses
   - Flu, strep, sinus infection
   - Yeast infections