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IMPORTANT UPDATE for all of our clients!

We want to do everything in our power to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and to protect our staff, clients and community. We are taking extra sanitary precautions, following CDC guidelines as well as State Board requirements.

We are still waiting on a few essential items before we can open, but we want to inform you of some changes that will be implemented until further notice.

-We will be spreading out and working at every other station to ensure your 6ft distance from other salon clients.

-We ask that you practice social distancing throughout your visit as well, no gathering, no handshakes or hugging, and only one person will be allowed in the elevator at once.

-We will be taking appointments only, absolutely no walk-ins at this time.

-We are very limited to the amount of people we can have in the Beauty Bar at one time. Please call or text when you arrive for your appointment, and remain in your car until we text you to come up.

-Only clients receiving services will be allowed inside, please don't bring anyone including your children with you to your appointment or you will need to reschedule.

-All of our staff will be wearing masks, and we require that every client wears one as well. We do have some extras, but please bring your own as they are hard to get ahold of right now and we see a lot of people throughout the day.

-We are temporarily only shampooing clients that are getting color services. Please come in with your hair CLEAN and dry. All haircuts will either be sprayed down or cut dry.

-There will be NO BLOW DRYING at this time either, to keep down on the spreading and forced airflow of germs. Every work station and service room will be sanitized completely in between each service.

-We ask that you bring as little personal items with you as possible, (large handbags, extra clothing, etc) We strongly encourage everyone to wash their hands before you come, not to wear gloves, when used incorrectly they will just spread more germs.

-If you have any underlying health issues, we ask that you follow state regulations and wait until after May 14th to return to the salon.

-At your arrival, you will be presented with a waiver and questionnaire that will be required to receive any services. Your temperature will also be logged on that paper as well.

-We will not be providing beverages or snacks during this time, so please bring something with you, if needed.

-We will not be performing any facials at this time or any facial waxing.

-We ask that you wait 14 days after ANY SYMPTOM of illness, and have the right to refuse any person that shows cold or flu- like symptoms! We are trusting and counting on you to protect us the same way we will be protecting you, so please just stay home if you are sick!


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