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Lisa Dean Stephens

  • Clinical Massage Therapist

  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

  • CO-Founder/Owner/Operator of The Beauty Bar Salon and MedSpa

  • Extensive training in Clinical Massage, Ashiatsu, & Thai Massage

*Trained under Charlene Gaffney, Founder/Lead Educator/Curriculum Specialist and owner of Elevate Massage Training in Memphis, Tennessee

*Trained under Dr. Jeffrey Elkins, Study Abroad Tour Director/Eastern Medicine Consultant/Expert Thai Massage Instructor

From an early age, Lisa had an entrepreneurial spirit. She opened up her first business in 2002 after graduating from the prestigious Atlanta School of Massage.


She has a heart for people.  Empathetic and a natural caretaker, Lisa was instilled with a perfect passion to care for her clients.  She has an impeccable work ethic and a desire to succeed in everything she touches.  The 20+ years of caring for her clients and her driving push for recognition of massage therapy as a viable clinical preventative and healthy part of the self-care routine set her apart in the industry. Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy, she has helped countless clients find success when dealing with injuries and chronic pain.

Lisa and her husband John recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. They live in LaGrange, Ga along with their children and are parents to 4 dogs including 3 French bulldogs.

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